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>> and apologize one more time to concern national wes. >> it was a good joke. >> that was not an apology. i apologize for joe derosa. i want joe disco rosa to live. -- joe derosa to live. aultingen the obligation as the bipartisan senate solution faces uphill battle. the obama information forces insurance companies to offer free birth control. war of words erupts between two florida lawmakers. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama called republican and democratic leaders back to the white house today in the ongoing effort to avert what the treasury secretary says will be a government default on august 2. the attention appears to have shifted toward a bipartisan plan emerging in the senate. but house republicans aren't yet sold. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is live at the white house. good evening.
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>> reporter: good evening, bret. the president had tough-selling to do with democrats as well. the afl-cio announced today it opposes the gang of six plan, but you are right, the toughest job for the president is what republicans, particularly those in the house. mr. obama got started on it today. a day after saying bipartisan senate proposal might break the log jam over cutting the deficit and raising the debt ceiling, president obama met separately with leaders of both parties and the so-called gang of six briefed members of the house on the proposal. gang member kent conrad, a north dakota democrat said some of the plans critics are trying to kill it in the crib. >> we are a working group of six to try to inform colleagues. the sooner you put out a plan like this, there is much misinformation that goes out. >> reporter: some 30 senators republicans and democrats indicated they might support the plan. gang member chamblis georgia republican said house republicans would haven't to violate the no tax hike penal.
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>> well, we really aren't raising taxes. we are lowering rates to help generate revenue. >> reporter: still, the plan would lower reduction for mortgage interest and health insurance and savings for retirement. taxpayers would pay $1.2 trillion more in the next decade. on the house side, on democrats voiced interest and most of them are not persuaded. >> there are a lot of questions because there aren't details about the prose subpoenaed the content. an 11th hour situation. >> reporter: at the white house, budget aide said there is still time to get it through congress before the august 2 deadline. but barely. >> we think there should be and there could be but i'm not laying bets it will happen. a fox new poll show americans don't raise supporting the debt ceiling by a wide margin. most feel financial catastrophe if the u.s. should default are an exaggeration
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and the president's job approval rating is disappointingly matched by disapproval. back on deficit talks aides say the president continues to rule out short-term extension of the debt creeling if there is no agreement by the august 2 deadline. if there is a deal and lawmakers need more time to pass the legislation and put it on the desk he might go along with extension for that. bret? >> bret: speaker of the house and the house majority leader meet with the president right now. if they come out, we'll bring it to you here. wendell, thank you. minnesota governor mark dayton signed a new budget ending the longest state government shutdown in a decade. details are still a bit murky but dayton said he expects most employees back on the job thursday. the two sides fought over taxes and spending for months. culminating in the july 1 shutdown. home sales dropped .8% in june. the third straight monthly decline. 2011 is now on pace to be the worst for sales. since the housing bubble burst five years ago. stocks were down today.
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the dow dropped 15.5. the s&p 500 gave back less than a point. nasdaq finished 12 behind. secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius praised a recommendation that insurance companies be required to auvre free contraceptives to all women. she called the report historic and suggested it could become official policy. but there is pushback. chief washington correspondent jim angle has the story. >> the prospect of free government order contraceptives and even agents to induce abortion ignited a national debate. some are clearly pleased. >> the request for the study came out of the healthcare reform legislation i'm pleased that the secretary now has indicateed that the department will implement it quickly. >> reporter: the group naral pro-choice america issued a statement saying, "nearly one in three women find it difficult to pay for birth control. we are confident the obama administration will adopt the recommendations." >> feminist pork. it's a wish list.
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a dream list for feminists. >> reporter: conservative group ospose the move in part because it would require insurance companies to offer and employers to provide services to which they may moral liability, including the u.s. conference of catholic bishops or the usccb. >> virtually all private employers, private company such as the usccb would be required to cover the problematic procedures, drugs and devices. >> reporter: the catholic bishops don't believe in contraception at all much less hand it out for free at the behest of the government. but some say this would deter abortions. >> more than half of pregnancies are unintended. 40% end in abortion. if we talk about reducing teenage pregnancy, abortion, contraception and make it easily available without a ridiculously high co-pay that insurance companies are charging is the wi to go.
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>> reporter: religious conservatives don't buy it. the problem for many is more profound than birth control pills. if sebelius embraces the recommendation in full, insurance companies would be forced to provide at no cost planned "b" and drug called ella. >> ella in particular approved for emergency contraception can disrupt what the ama calls an established pregnancy. right, after implantation, which by anyone's definition is an abortion. because it's regulation under the healthcare law, secretary sebelius can make the decision without congressional approval but there is an effort in congress to pass legislation allowing those who object to opt out. bret? >> more on this with the panel in the online show. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: in america's news headquarters tonight, republican 2012 hopefuls are crisscrossing iowa hoping to use earth caucus to propel them to the nomination.
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while tim pawlenty directed considerable attention to michele bachmann's rhetoric, her record, and even her health, the minnesota congresswoman is trying to stay on message. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in iowa with the story. >> reporter: returning to iowa lead-off caucus campaign trail, michele bachmann faced a front page political headache about the migraine in the state largest newspaper. >> good to see you. >> reporter: she made no mention of her migraines at various stops, having claimed yesterday they have not affected her work when in fact she missed most in congress and canceled and postponed events because of the pain. far behind bachmann in iowa polls, fellow minnesotaen and former governor tim pawlenty stepped up the offense. >> the general proposition for all of the candidates if you are going to be president of the united states you have to do all of the job, all of the time. >> reporter: asked specifically about pawlenty's remarks, bachmann changed the suggest. >> sounds like a tough shot. what do you think of that?
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>> well, last night i was in washington, d.c., and i was leading on the issue of the debt ceiling. i voted no on increasing the debt. >> reporter: she repeatedly side-stepped questions, including if she would release her medical records. >> the fact that as commanderrer in chief i will make sure we get our fiscal house in order. >> reporter: her fiscal message the subject of the latest ad. >> ly not vote to increase the debt ceiling. >> reporter: pawlenty, avid hockey player unveiled a new ad of his own opening with the 1980 u.s. olympic team and casting himself as a feisty underdog ready to prove the experts wrong. >> you fight, you bleed. >> reporter: pawlenty says he loves hockey fights and tried to pick one with bachmann criticizing her for being full of combative rhetoric but little else. >> sometimes the entertaining candidate catches fire in media's attention for a while but they don't often win the race. this isn't shooting your mouth off. this is getting results and getting things done. >> reporter: bachmann does not pass legislation. the emphasis is blocking obama and democratic policies.
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>> bye-bye. >> reporter: the national front-runner mitt romney this afternoon said he has no doubt that bachmann's migraines will have no effect on her ability to campaign. she has not released her medical records but has gotten a letter from attending physician to congress who says she manages the migraine with medication and is otherwise healthy. with all of that said, big news out of texas today, the gor rick perry who said he recently feels a calling to national politics has now gotten green light from key constituent, his wife. >> as my wife was talking to me and says get out of your comfort zone. yeah, being governor of texas is a great job. but sometimes you are called to step in to the fray. >> reporter: no word on a timetable yet. unclear whether perry will participate in the straw poll. his aides here tried to respect event facilities and were told they missed the deadline now they're pulling back resources. perhaps he won't participate the straw poll but there is a
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chance he could be on the debate stage a few days beforehand. >> bret: a lot of flirting here going on. thank you. we'll talk about it in the panel. the man charged with the 2009 fort hood shooting rampage major nidal hasan was arraigned today and faces 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. we'll show you an image that could shift your political beliefs ahead on the grapevine. first, what caused congressman allen west to call a fellow colleague vile and despicable?e?
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>> bret: after florida democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz took a shot at tea party representative allen west, he struck back with colorful language. shannon bream has details of the dispute. >> it was inappropriate and
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uncalled for aping just plain wrong. >> reporter: the conversation has rafted up a few notches as dismulti-between florida representatives reached a boiling point. democratic debbie wasserman schultz and republican allen west. after west spoke out in support of the cup, cap and balance measure, wasserman schultz took to the house floor to respond. >> the gentleman from florida who represents thousands of medicare beneficiaries as do i are supportive the the plan to increase cost of beneficiaries. unbelieveable from a member from south florida. >> reporter: west fired off an e-mail to wasserman schultz and copied house membership leaders saying, "you want a perm fight, i'm happy to oblige. you the most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the u.s. house of representatives. if you have something to say to me stop being a coward and say it to my face. otherwise, shut the heck up. you are not a lady. >> i believe he really should apologize. i think that it's only due. if he refuses, he should be
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asked to do so by the house leadership if he refuses to do it on his own. >> allen west is a right wing extremist. >> reporter: the were of words is the latest sparring between the two members who have a history of conflict. she staged a protest outside his campaign headquarters last fall and called him crazy and antiwoman. west accused her of inciting a riot questioned her "character." >> people can betray me as a bat guy, so be it. but i won't allow anyone to take advantage of me and the niceness that i exhibit. it's not why i defended the country for 22 years to come here and be disrespected. >> reporter: a group of women lawmakers announceed today they're sending a letter to house leadership asking west be rebuked in strongest term and vow to track the future comments. >> we will continue to speak out if he continues to attack her. >> the democratic congressional campaign committee is viewing its a a
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rundraiser. sending e-mail to ask for contribution to help throw out allen west. a little bit of context. back in 1956, one senator actually attacked another with a cane on the senate floor. leaving the victim temporarily unconscious. bret? >> bret: at least that hasn't happened. shab non, thank you. arizona launched a website to accept donations to pay for fencing along the mexico border. the state senator who sponsored the launch of build the border said the project initial goal is $50 million. democrats criticized the move saying border security and immigration require a more comprehensive approach. natural gas produced from shale is proving to be quite the job creator in some states and could keep energy prices down. but the extraction process is not without its critics. senior national correspondent, john roberts takes a fair and balanceed look. >> protesters tried to shut it down. but the economic benefit of shale gas, so-called fracking,
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may be irresistible in an industry sponsored report, pep state university researchers found pennsylvania is now producing enough gas to be self-sufficient, even exported. by 2020 it will have enough to supply a quarter of the nation's natural gas needs. >> we are looking at jobs, economic development, tax revenue from the industry in pennsylvania. that is truly, you know, phenomenal and actually at this point, a national scale story. >> pennsylvania department of labor says gas exploration created 72,000 new jobs in just the last 18 months. the penn state report found the impact to be especially broader. supporting a total of 156,000 jobs in the state this year. john pickerton is the ceo of range resources. >> that has been the biggest economic rivalry in the state for the last 100 years. it will be big. >> the shale gas boom lowered cost to consumers by 12.6% according to the pen report. that is a saving of $633 million last year.
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critics at fracking say the economic benefit come too high a cost for the environment. this family has been drinking out of a tanks since faulty frac job contaminated their water well. >> i want america to know that yeah, natural gas is clean to burn. it's not clean to, trage. we are living proof of that. >> in contrast to pennsylvania, new york state so far held off gas exploration over environmental concerns. listen to what pennsylvania's democratic former governor said about that. >> if governor cuomo were to ask me my advice about lifting the moratorium, i would tell him the moratorium should be lifted there is too much of an up-side for new york as there was for pennsylvania. too much of an up-side for america. >> the pep state report also found that the industry will pay $1.2 billion in state and local taxes in the coming year. now critics say the number could be higher if the state were to levy a so-called severance tax on extraction of
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gas at the well head. governor tom corbett is against it saying he doesn't want the state to seem unfriendly to an industry that's a major economic driver. >> bret: john roberts live in atlanta. thank you. the t.s.a. announced it would begin installing new software designed to enhance privacy. the software called automated target recognition will auto detect items that pose a threat using a generic outline of a person for all passengers. this is meant to address privacy concerns in the screening. american airlines is buying at least 460 new planes over the next five years in what it calls the biggest airline order in history. air bus will make more than half the planes and boeing will make the rest. the jets will cost total of $38 billion. large swath of the country is suffering through triple-digit temperatures. take a look at the map. all this week, because of much of the u.s. right now is trapped under a pressure dome, a heat dome. the heat wave is putting significant stress on the
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nation's power grid. as homeowners and businesses crank up the air conditioners. it was 100 here today in d.c. i head, why the federal government doesn't approach the finance like the average family. but first, a live update on the "news of the world" hacking scandal across the pond.
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>> bret: in international news, syria warned the american and french ambassadors not to lese do mass cuss without position -- damascus without permission. this is after envoy visited city of hamas in support of anti-american protest. this is new video of the security forces firing on a funeral procession, which we told you about tuesday. in the town of momes.
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in new effort to end libyan conflict, france is saying the leader muammar gaddafi could stay in the country as long as he relinquishs power. gaddafi insists he will neither step down nor flee his country. reports say the rebel death toll from tuesday's unsuccessful attempt to seize the oil company of brega is now at 27. we're now learning more about an assassination attempt on a top terrorist in yemen, just daying after usama bin laden was killed. u.s. jets on may 5 set out to kill anwar al-awlaki, the american born cleric and al-qaeda leader now considered to be a big threat to america, one of the biggest, actually. officials say a missile struck the back of al-awlaki's truck. but he survived. switched vehicles and escaped. as other terrorists drove to trals.ea to confuse those there were no shaving cream attacks today but the "news of the world" phone hacking scandal is continuing to cause dust-ups in britain. news corp, the parent company of the now defunked tabloid as
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well as fox news. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in london with the latest. >> reporter: embattled prime minister david cameron cut short trip to africa to appear at the british parliament house of commons and it turned in raucous exchange where cameron had to defend his role in the growing phone hacking scandal here. that involved allegations of wrongdoing at the now close "news of the world" newspaper. owned by rupert murdock's news corp. cameron is under fire for hiring as his press chief the former editor of the paper andy coleson who later left the role and was arrested. >> with 20/20 hindsight and all that followed i would not have offered him the job and i expect he wouldn't have taken it. >> operation labor party leader didn't leave him off the hook. >> the prime minister, mr. speaker, was caught in a tragic conflict of loyalty. between the integrity that people should expect of him and his staff.
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and his perm allegiance to mr. coleson. he made the wrong choice. >> cameron was also questioned about the contact with news corp officials. he said today, though, he did not have any inappropriate discussions with them. he noted the labor party as well as his conservatives long courted rupert murdock and his company. >> everybody has done it. we've all got to admit this sort of relationship needs to be changed and put on a more healthy basis. >> murdock addressed this point in his hearings yesterday. >> you had frequent meetings the prime minister in your career. period after the arrest. >> i wish they'd leave me alone. >> the scandal led to resignation or arrest of journalists and top police officials. with the newly launched government investigation as well as police probes, there could be more to come. >> they should pursue the
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evidence wherever it leads and the arrest exactly who they wish. >> all of this is hurting cameron's popularity, his conservative party standing as slipped today. but opposition labor party is not leading either there is sign enough blame regarding this to go around. back to you. >> bret: greg palkot live tonight in london. greg, thank you. european leaders are meeting to discuss a new aid package for greece in a last-ditch effort to stop the financial troubles from spreading elsewhere. riot police in athens today fired tear gas at taxi drivers who were protesting austerity measures taken against the labor union. one mogul uses his wealth to create some of the biggest graffiti the world has ever seen. while another bashs president obama's administration despite posting gargantuan profits sincncncncncnc
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we will not support a short-term extension absent agreement to a larger deal. that is not acceptable. obviously, if both sides agree to something significant we'll support the measures needed to finalize details of that. >> we had 50 senators at meeting yesterday. after they heard the details of the plan, senator after senator, republican and democrat, stood up and said look, i am in. count me in. this is what we have to do. the gang of six has introduced a summary, not a bill to take them a little while longer to write the bill. my first reaction is thanks but no thanks. >> bret: looking live at the white house, where at this hour, speaker of the house john boehner and the house majority leader eric cantor are meeting with president obama. a meeting that started an hour-and-a-half ago. and is still continuing from what we're hearing. take a look at the recent polls just out tonight. from fox. how would you vote on raising the debt limit? against, 60%. debt limit should be raised if there are mix of cuts and tax ib creases. 35%. you can see not raised at all,
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42%. if congress fails to raise the debt limit will there be a financial catastrophe? there you see the difference, but no. it's anaxagoras. an exaggeration. 55%. if they fail to reach a debt limit agreement and the congressional republicans at 47%. the president at 32. bring in the panel about this. steve hayes, for stand stand. juan williams for the hill. sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> the last poll shows the importance of the presidency, what the advantage it gives the incumbent. he controls the debate. he can speak with the angle voice, the republicans have not done what they should have done months ago, to find one plan they could all agree on and present it to the president. and to the american people. right now the plans are all over the place. the gang of six i think which rose yesterday already
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receiving. a lot of people look at details of it, and the second half, the part where negotiations over six months are supposed to happen. you get the real cuts in entitlements and the tax reform appear to have a lot of loopholes in them. it's very fuzzy. i think where the republicans are right now, they need to present a plan, at least a short-term one. what you saw with the president retreating in the carney bite you showed, the president said up until now anything short-term, i will veto. now, he has a little escape clause. he says as long as you're working on something long-termly give you an extension. he understands that is where he is vulnerable. if he vetoes a short-term extension he will take the blame. that is something that republicans ought to look at and to think about, passing a short-term deal. and i think the president in the end would probably have to accept it. >> bret: juan, the "cut, cap
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and balance" plan passed the house last night. mostly republicans but there were five democrats. the profession pects as we talk about -- the prospects as we talk about not good in the senate. but what about where it if its together and what can get through the house? >> well, i mean, there is no way you can get the balanced budget amendment on what the republicans have been voting on, through the senate and vetoed by president obama. there is no realism to it. that's why it's set to the side as symbolic action. >> bret: the cut and cap would be vetoed. the balanced bigot if you had it would go to state. >> you wouldn't get the vote. it's not a practical measure. we're dealing with the gang of six. charles says he thinks that it's deflated over the last 24, to 48 hours. what i heard today is people are saying you know, this may be the way out. still has a sense it might be
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the way to avoid the problem. the negatives are that there are tax hikes enclosed but secondly you'd be engaged in planning to eliminate the alternative minimum tax, include deductions for things like homeownership. some of the retirement plans. how would those things sell to americans? that is a big question. and a big liability on the democratic side. as well as republican hesitation. about giving in to triggers down the road. that would change some of tax plans. tax rates would be lowered on individuals and corporations. but you have to trust that the cuts would actually take place. >> bret: i mean here we go again. we have been down this road before, steve. figuring out what exactly is in the piece of legislation. >> it was six pages yesterday. it doesn't have details. that's a reason to be skeptical of it until we see what is in it. i think we're at a pretty crucial point in this entire
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discussion. i think we are at a point where i hate to agree with juan about where "cut, cap and balance" is going. >> i thought you were going to say ever. >> i do hate to agree with juan ever, although he did say that raising taxes was a negative. if i'm not. >> yes. especially for. >> that was. >> that's the truth. i tell you the truth. >> we're in a big moment. "cut, cap and balance," i like "cut, cap and balance" on substance. i agree it is not going anywhere, not going to happen. so what i think the senate and house conservatives can do is come up with their own alternative. they can still to a certain extent drive the process. jim jordan if the republican study committee and the other house conservatives, the freshmen need to come up with some plan that they can pass through their membership. that their membership can get behind. other conservatives in the house can get 218 votes. it's most likely going to be a version of something that charles floated in his column where it was a sort-term extension. but i think that they can get creative about this. you can include biden cut,
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attach biden cut to short-term extension. include certain aspects of medicare reform. that have already passed in the ryan budget. medicaid reform, medicaid to the state which has support of democratic governors. i think there are ways to get creative. where they have 218 votes to present something to the president and say look, you've come out in favor. the president in leaks from the white house at least endorsed certain changes to medicare reform. make him own it if he is going to. >> bret: the gang of six presented the house democrats and they are seen as key. if you get all the house democrats on board, you only need 26 house republicans. to add up. and they are doing the math. >> i'm not sure you could get 26 who would go against the bulk of the republican caucus. particularly on this. i think steve is half right. the house republicans have to
1:47 am
pass something. if they do, they see the initiative -- seize initiative. it becomes the only piece of legislation on table. the president hasn't offered anything in public, anything in writing. anything with numbers. so let the house pass something. but i don't agree with the idea of creativity. you have to make it simple and make it easy. you don't want to adorn it with all kind of stuff. half a trillion, all in cuts. five-month extension. the beauty of it, it works with the gang of six. because half of the, the first half of their proposal is short-term, it's half a trillion. it also has a couple of elements changing the cost of living adjustment. all which is good. all of which is simple and all of which will be popular. >> you're still frustrated but let me tell you on the hill they noticed that yesterday was a record day for wall street on news that the gang of six might go forward. they are right now being isolated increasingly a afraid
1:48 am
it would be political consequence as we saw in the poll that bret baier showed at the top of the segment. >> as long as you extent the debt limit no matter how tentative or short the markets will stay up. >> bret: next up, the 2012 republican contenders and
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all right. prescribed medication i take on occasion, wherever symptoms arise and they keep my migraines under control. it'd like to be abun dentally clear, my -- i bundantly clear. my ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief. >> as a general proposition for all the candidates if you are going to be president of the united states, you have to do all of the job, all of the time. >> we have differing views on
1:52 am
some issue. we'll campaign in various states and express our views but her health should not be an issue in the campaign no question about that in my mind. >> bret: congresswoman bachmann's migraines a topic on the campaign trail today. her campaign sending out this letter from a doctor on capitol hill, monahan sayin saying -- >> bret: back with the panel. that's where we'll start. dr. krauthammer, what about this story? >> if the migraines are so injurious to her performance, how come this hasn't been an issue up to now? and yes, what i have seen is several incidents in the last five years, report in which she was incapacitated. is there any one among us in the last five years hasn't been knocked out by some medical condition? carl paladinthe tim pawlenty ata
1:53 am
cheap standard. at the job, every hour. f.d.r., kennedy and eisenhower would not have been people who should have been president of the united states. kennedy in fact had attisons disease and required heavy medication and back injuries which required even heavier. and did affect him far more than apparently has affected bachmann. i think we're going to in this day and age, however, she is going to have to disclose what medication, and see if any of them have a psychotrophic effect. this is a nur log call disease, not -- neurological disease. >> bret: juan? big deal? >> it's headache to tim pawlenty. he is at 2%. michele bachmann is at 30%. sorry, 16%. romney is at 30%. if you go into iowa, she is more than doubled his numbers
1:54 am
in terms of what is coming up and what will be a definitive race for tim pawlenty, because he has got to defeat michele bachmann. he has to have a good showing in iowa to put himself to be a challenger for mitt romney, as he go into new hampshire. so i think that, you know, charles says he thought it was a little bit of a low blow. i agree. one last thing on this. talking about where the story comes from, an indication, she has had a lot of high staff turnover. some of the staff obviously. >> bret: former aides. >> former aides grudge and a lot of that stuff, she is under scrutiny. it's starting to show how many enemies she has. >> bret: steve, turn topics to the texas governor rick perry who has been flirting flig with a run and many people say it's almost sure to happen. today he is speaking out. that his wife is on board. >> as my wife was talking to me saying get out of your comfort zone. being governor of texas, a great job.
1:55 am
but sometimes you are called to step in to the fray. >> bret: getting close. >> yeah, he's more likely to run than not. i think they are still exploring fundraising possibility. they're making calls to for fund raise and trying to figure out what kind of a network they can set up to propel him in the race with a serious amount of money. mitt romney is a formidable front runner on the money. primary. and perry wants to be competitive before he decides he is actually going to jump. but all indication are, the phone call in iowa, meeting with new hampshire folks, all ind cases are he is more -- indications are he is more likely to get in than not. >> bret: former defense officials, including donald rumsfeld has helped set up the meeting and briefings in austin. they have been going on for several weeks. >> more than a month now. >> he is clearly going up. he is not doing that because he has more time as texas governor. >> he is a good rundraiser. he has had tremendous success as head of the republican governors. so if that is measure, but he
1:56 am
is a wonderful mix between establishment and grassroots. >> bret: changes the game in iowa? >> yes, i think he enters the first tier automatically. it becomes something of three-way race, romney, perry and whoever emerges out of the pack that looks like bachmann but it could be somebody else. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see a brand new trend that may be taking the nation by storm.
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finally tonight, have you heard of planking. it is this internet food in which people take photos of themselves and friends lying face down in unusual places. now, apparently there is a new craze sweeping the web called owling and a few familiar faces are getting involved. >> there is a new trend in town called owling. basically you crouch down like an owl in an odd location and stare into space as someone snaps a picture.

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